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  • Remote Learning - 6 months ago

    I will update everyone on how classes are to take place online as soon as I receive guidelines from the school.  This may be by the end of this week. Stay Safe!

  • Calculus BC - Integration Review - 9 months ago

    see attachment.

  • Calculus BC - Bootcamp Review - 11 months ago

    see attachments. Do all problems yourself!

  • Comp Sci - p5.js Graph paper - 11 months ago

    Just posted labeled grid/ graph paper of various sizes as an attachment in Lesson 01. Print them if you are working at home and need more graphing paper.

  • Calculus BC - Review 1 - 11 months ago

    Solutions to review are attached. Do every problem yourself and understanding the reasoning. Make sure to study ideas too, not just algebra. 

  • AP Students - Join AP Classroom - 1 year ago

    All AP students must join your class section on the Collegeboard website. Follow this link and enter the join code given in class. This is necessary because Collegeboard uses this to register you for exams.

  • Stats first day survey data - 1 year ago

    See attached. Read assignment 1 for questions and link to learning agreement.

  • Start of New School Year - 1 year ago

    Check the course homeworks page for the assignment due tomorrow. Learning Agreement is part of the first homework.

  • Free Response from past years - 1 year ago

    Calculus AB 1998-2016 and 2017-2018
    Calculus BC 1998-2016 and 2017-2018
    Statistics 1998-2018

  • Calc - Flashcards - 1 year ago
  • CalcAB - Chapter 7 Review - 1 year ago

    review solutions attached.

  • Calc BC - Series - 1 year ago

    Testing for series solutions attached.

  • Calc BC - Flashcards - 1 year ago

    Calculus BC concept review flashcards are in progress. Check 'em out. Let me know if you notice any typos.

  • Calculus AB - Exam Monday - 1 year ago

    Practice solutions attached.

  • Calculus BC - 1 year ago

    Feb. Break Multiple Choice '18 Solutions attached.

  • Feb Break HW - 1 year ago

    Calc BC - Multiple Choice Packet
    Calc AB - Review Flashcards 1-40 and do exam reviews from exam#1 to exam#6 in your homework notebook
    AP Statistics - Study Vocabulary for exam on return

  • AP Review Flashcards - 1 year ago

    Check out review flashcards. Use them to review concepts. More cards will be added. Notify me of any typos!

  • AP Calculus BC - solutions posted - 1 year ago

    See school website for areas between curves practice solutions

  • AP Calculus BC - 1 year ago

    Check our school website for solutions to Chapter 5 Review

  • Calc BC_Take Home Exam - 1 year ago

    Take home exam is due Monday at the beginning of the class.

  • Calculus AB Exam_3 - 1 year ago

    Next exam will be on Friday, October 26th. It will cover lessons 01-19

  • Stats Exam_3 - 1 year ago

    Exam on Lessons 01-13 on Tuesday, October 23rd.

  • Calc BC Exam#3 - 1 year ago

    Wednesday, October 17. It will cover lessons 01 - 19. 

  • Calculus AB Exam # 2 - 1 year ago

    We will complete lesson 01-08 by Monday, Oct. 1st. Lesson 08 will be completed on Monday. Expect the exam to be on Tuesday.

  • Calculus AB Exam#1 - 1 year ago

    First exam will be Monday, Sept. 24. It will cover Lessons 01 - 05. 

  • Statistics - 2 years ago

    Exam#1 will be on Thursday.  It will cover the content from the first 3 chapters and Lessons 01-04.

  • Calc BC - 2 years ago

    We are set to complete up to lesson 8 by Tuesday, September 25th. Complete homework each day and also spend time with study questions to ready yourself for Exam # 2.