How I duplicated my live site on wampserver localhost for testing

I had difficulty duplicating my live site on my wampserver. I spent nearly two days and ran into a variety of problems from errors in database, to site appearing offline, 404 errors, images not showing etc. My online searches for solutions to problems that arose led me to changes in htaccess, index.php, site html, apache, sql and more to no avail. I am a beginner and not a programmer of any sort.

How do I type mathematics notation in my posts?

Find the  \(\sum {} \) symbol on the editor toolbar; this is what you'll use to write mathematics in your posts. Simply click it and type mathmatics tex or latex codes in the dialog box that opens. In the case that you want to quickly type the code yourself without using this  \(\sum {} \) dialog box, use brackets with backslashes

Solving equations using a Ti-84 graphing calculator

You can solve equations (linear, rational, absolute value, trigonometric, logarithmic etc.) and inequalities in a single variable graphically by plotting the left hand side and the right hand side separately and analyzing the intersection of the two graphs.

Here are a few examples:

Example 1:

What is the value of \(x\) in the equation \(\frac{3}{4}x + 2 = \frac{5}{4}x - 6\)?
a. -16    b. 16    c. -4    d. 4

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