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Begin with hello

I wrote this as a response to This I Believe prompt.

Every greeting forms a connection. There is a smile that is a natural accompaniment to every hello. I don’t know where it wells from but hello feels good. Hello makes a happy house; hello makes a happy mouse (child); hello makes the neighbor lend a hand; hello takes away loneliness; hello makes a friend. Hello does a lot. It’s safe to say hello makes the world go ‘round.

I believe we should say hello at every opportunity. But you know hello creates an expectation of hello as well. It makes sense to say hello back in some way, shape, or form. Hello is a word of innocence. So, hello is scary because it opens a new world. 

Example Activity

True or False?  Determine whether the statement is true or false. Think of an explanation to support your choice.

How do I type mathematics notation in my posts?

Find the  \(\sum {} \) symbol on the editor toolbar; this is what you'll use to write mathematics in your posts. Simply click it and type mathmatics tex or latex codes in the dialog box that opens. In the case that you want to quickly type the code yourself without using this  \(\sum {} \) dialog box, use


to wrap your code. If your math expression will be part of a sentence, use the paranthesis instead with the backslashes

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