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CS: Activities

This is an activities index. It can be useful to backtrace lessons based on memory of an activity or a project. 

If you are late or absent, it is your responsibility to catch up. Use the videos and myriad other resources provided with each lesson. There are even more resources a google search away and YouTube itself is a valuable source of tutorials. 

Important Reminders


# Lesson  Brief Activity Description
1 Getting Started - p5.js Web Editor Create p5js account and workflow setup.
2 Coordinate System and Given Functions Text function to print out favorite quote or selection of poetry.
3 Drawing a Robot Use 2D shapes to draw a robot.
4 Name and Comments Commenting the code.
5 Drawing Order Creating a Taijitu Symbol.
6 Grayscale Accents Tangrams and Origami Vector Art  
7 Text Attributes Black and White Movie Poster
8 Arcs and Custom Shapes Custom Emoji or Pacman Maze
9 Color Sketch on the theme "Color/ Impact of".
10 Variables Setup variables to customize a sketch
11  Predefined Variables Move a character horizontally or vertically
12 Computer Can Do The Math Mathematical Formulas and Random Creations
13 For Loop Greeting Card
14 Nesting For Loops Random Wallpaper Design/ Checker Board
15 While Loop Graph Grid/ Design Repetitions w/ rand() function +color var
Sol Lewitt: A Wall Drawing Retrospective
16 Tracking The Mouse Connect the Dots Game/ Maze Game
17 Mouse Clicks and Distance (If Then) Traffic Light Project
18 Collision Detection Haunted House
19 keyPresses Drawing App
20 Movement with Keyboard RPG Game
21 ...  


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