07 Pacman: arcs and complex shapes

How can I use arc() and beginShape() for complex designs?

Vocabulary: arc(), beginShape(), noFill(), unit circle

Lab Activities:

  1. Read about pacman, the game, on wikipedia. Write a paragraph about pacman at the beginning of your code. Have you ever played a game like pacman? What is your favorite game and why?
  2. Use this starter code:
    function setup() {
      createCanvas(600, 800);
    function draw() {
      //your code here
  3. Here are some images to give you inspiration. Your design has to be your own. I recommend everyone use 600 by 800 canvas graph paper provided to plan your pacman stage. Show me a sketch before you begin. DONOT make all the dots. We will return to this project in the future to add motion and fill in the other requirements.

    example pacman stage




    pacman characters


  4. Extension: Incorporate a character from your favorite game into the design.