23 Vision Board

Vision Board Project: Illustrate your learning in p5.js so far with your creativity.



  1. Gather images that represent your dream life in the coming year. (Don’t care so much about the coming year? Think about your dream life after high school, or after college.)

  2. Figure out a way to display these images that is fun, interesting, and reinforces your dream. (If your dream is to be more organized, maybe your board reflects that!)

  3. Use tint to create a foreground, middleground, background, and/or to make the images go better together.

  4. Make your vision board interactive! Make something change or appear when a the mouse hovers over a certain area, when the mouse is clicked, or when a button is pressed.

Answer the following three questions on the top of your code. Sample:


//What is your vision for your life?

//How does this program capture that?

//What are things you will need to do to make your dreams a reality?

//Your Code below