25 Sound Files

How can sounds, images, and fonts be combined and manipulated with code?


1. Register for an account on Freesound.org

2. Watch Freesound.org review to learn about copyright free music

There are rules around publishing and reusing media. You want to make sure your work is not subject to copyright violations. 

  • There are a few basic terms for licenses which are combined in some cases.
  • Attribution licenses require credit given to the original author.
  • ShareAlike licenses require attribution and that any new work is licensed under identical terms.  This means the person using the media in a remix or new work would have to publish using the same Creative Commons license.
  • NoDerivs allows for redistribution as long as the work is unchanged.
  • NonCommercial requires attribution and that new works must be non-commercial, or not for sale.
  • The sounds available on the websites listed in the resources page will specify their license type.  Some sites also allow the sounds to be filtered according to the license.
  • The most permissive Creative Commons license is the 0 (zero) license which permits reuse without attribution for any purpose.


3. P5js.org Activity

  • Find three sounds to download and add to a p5 sketch. Sounds should be 10 seconds long at the most. Find any combination of sounds that are pleasing to you...guitar, violin, piano, electronic sounds etc.

  • The coding here is similar to inserting images in p5.js. Don't forget to import the downloaded sound files into p5js account (just like images). See example below.

  • Add each sound to the p5 editor and try playing each sound using code from the starter sketch.

Here is an example Click Here.

Submit your work.