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CS: Syllabus

Course Title: Introduction to Computational Media (p5js)
Required Textbook: No textbook is required. and reference therein available will serve as the main resource throughout the year. Lessons are adapted from shared online sources, cs4all, as well as Make: Getting Started with p5.js and Learn JavaScript with p5.js.
Contact: Use school email available in the school staff directory.
Prerequisites: No prior computer science or coding experience required. A basic comfort level with computers and web is necessary.  
  • A computing device (Mac, Windows, Chromebook)¬†with internet access is necessary.
  • Chrome browser is preferred.
  • p5js web editor

Course Goals

This course is sponsored by Computer Science for All initiative. The main principle that drives this course is that code can be a medium for creative expression (cs4all).

Brief Topic Outline

  • Coding Environment
  • Drawing
  • Animation
  • Variables
  • Interaction
  • Translate, Rotate, Scale
  • Media
  • Motion
  • Functions
  • Objects
  • Arrays
  • Data Visualization


  • Students are expected to learn from various sources, including online reference, videos, forums, peers, and from playing with code.
  • Students should come to class on time and prepared with all necessary supplies, be productive during class time, maintain a positive¬†attitude and be polite to all members of the classroom.¬†
  • Students are expected to respect the equipment.¬†
  • It is important to be paying attention during lessons and explanations. Periodically, you will be asked to either turn off your monitor or turn your seats towards the front board.
  • Academic Honesty: Copying someone else's work and presenting as your own will earn a score of zero for all parties involved. This includes copying code from the internet. There is acceptable use and this will be discussed in class.
  • You must adhere to the deadlines given for all activities. Expect a deduction of 10% for each day the assignment is late.¬†

Grading Policy

Grade distribution will follow the school-wide grading policy for elective courses. Lab activities and projects will make up a large portion of the grade. Classwork/Participation(25%), Projects(30%), Exams(25%), Quizzes(10%), Homework(10%).

School Policies School policies on dress code and electronics are available on the school website and will be highlighted at the beginning of the class in September.